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Protecting the Environment


TSMC, Four Local Governments Plant for a Sustainable Future Environment

Four counties invite children to plant trees

To celebrate Arbor Day (March 12), TSMC Chairman Mark Liu (劉德音), TSMC Charity Foundation's Chairperson Sophie Chang (淑芬董) and Executive Director Tsai Nun-sian (蔡能賢), as well as TSMC's Senior Vice Presidents Lora Ho (何麗梅) and Y.P. Chin (秦永沛) all led a massive effort to plant trees in four counties simultaneously from north to south – Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan. The TSMC administrators led a team of 300 colleagues and invited 100 volunteers. The event even included the participation of respective mayors, where everyone joined hands in planting trees for a more environmentally sustainable future.

TSMC urban greenery project launches, greening our communities and cities

Chairman Mark Liu stated that the TSMC urban greenery project will provide around 45,000 tree saplings this year, which is about 7.5 times the amount in Daan Forest Park, with each county government giving TSMC its inventory of suitable land for undertaking the project. Promoting greener cities and other spaces, beautifying our society, and cherishing each sapling reflects the larger global consensus on environmental sustainability and the hope to pass it on for later generations. Chairperson Sophie Chang agrees, adding that volunteers of the TSMC Charity Foundation actively promote such aspirations, this time by helping children plant trees symbolizing empathy and a green hope. The project also educates them how to protect our planet in a practical way.

Trees handed down as a generational torch

The event also saw the planting of a massive, old Solanum at Taichung's TWFE Houli Forest Park Area, a tree which owes its extended life to the persistent efforts made by Senior Vice President Lora Ho and the “Old Tree Mother” Hsieh Fen-yu. Under its large embrace, saplings were placed along with cards made by the children wishing them “a peaceful growth, health, and long life.” Such pure desires for all living things are shared with Ms. Sophie Chang's hope that these activities show “the growth of each tree is irrigated with boundless love and resources, and lead children to better appreciate having such resources.” The foundation also promised that this event was only the beginning, and future projects for the environment and education will be undertaken by our volunteers and other partners.

The TSMC urban greenery project considers sapling adaptability, high ecological benefits, and preserving local wildlife in an effort to call employees'and the public's attention to our environmental surroundings. City greening can serve to repay mother nature, while children's saplings guarantee a brighter future for all.